Leave a gift in your Will

Leaving a gift to Surviving Economic Abuse (SEA) in your Will can help us to save lives and stop economic abuse forever.  

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One in six women in the UK has experienced economic abuse. The effects can last a lifetime, with some women never free of the abuser’s control.  

“When I became aware of the debt – some of which I knew nothing about – I felt such despair. I contacted the creditors but was told there was nothing they could do as the debts were in my name. I am 30 and will be in debt for the next 20 years of my life… The economic consequences [of the abuse] are with me every single day, a cloud hanging over me.” Victim-survivor

Why leave a gift in your Will? 

Anyone can leave a gift in their Will and every gift, however large or small, supports our work to create change for women. It could be one of the most important things you do in your lifetime. Your gift could help us to provide information to victim-survivors in financial difficulty via the Financial Support Line, or to train specialist debt advisors so that they can support victim-survivors. It could help us to influence changes to laws and policies that affect thousands of women.  

We understand that, when writing a Will, your loved ones will take priority. If you decide to also leave a gift to a cause you care about, like SEA, even 1% of your estate can create a legacy that makes a difference. 

Donations, including legacy gifts, to charity are inheritance tax-free. If you leave more than 10% to a charity like SEA, this reduces the amount of tax paid on your remaining taxable estate. 

How do I leave a gift in my Will? 

We understand it is a personal decision that takes time to consider. We are here to give you any further information or advice you need. Please contact us by email on [email protected].

If you decide to leave a gift to SEA, there are several ways to do this:

  • Leave a pecuniary gift 

Donating a fixed sum of money to SEA in your Will. 
Example: I give £5,000 to Surviving Economic Abuse for its charitable purposes.

  • Leave a residuary gift 

Leaving a percentage of your estate to SEA, after you have taken care of your loved ones, allows you to make the biggest impact. Unlike a pecuniary gift (fixed amount), your donation will not lose value over time.
Example: I give 15% of my estate to Surviving Economic Abuse for its charitable purposes. 

  • Leave a specific item 

You can donate particular items to SEA in your Will, such as property, jewellery or shares. It is important to describe the item as accurately as possible.  
Example: I leave my white gold, sapphire and diamond clustered ring to Surviving Economic Abuse for its charitable purposes.  

Our promises to you 

  • Your gift will be in capable hands, and we will continue to act in your name to save lives and stop economic abuse forever.  
  • We will treat you and your wishes with respect and confidentiality.  
  • We appreciate gifts of any size and will use our expertise to ensure your legacy has a lasting impact. 
  • If you choose to let us know about your intended gift, we can keep you informed of our plans and the work we do.  
  • If you have any enquiries about your legacy, our team will be available to answer your questions. Please contact us on [email protected].  

What to do next  

If you have decided to leave a gift to SEA in your Will, you will need to make your wishes known when you make or update your Will. You can either speak with your solicitor or do this using an online Will writing service. 

You will need to share these essential details about SEA: 

  • Charity name: Surviving Economic Abuse 
  • Registered address: 483 Green Lanes, London N13 4BS   
  • Registered charity number: 1173256 (England and Wales), SC051495 (Scotland)

You can change your mind at any stage by contacting your solicitor or online service to amend your Will. 

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