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Information and resources for professionals

Working with a range of experts, SEA has produced a series of resources called Tools to Support for professionals working with victim-survivors of economic abuse. These resources include guides to support domestic abuse service workers, money and debt advice services, housing sector professionals, lawyers and financial services staff.

The resources we have available are:

  • Screening for economic abuse: A tool for support workers
  • Conversation kit to screen for economic abuse
  • Checklist for insurers: A guide for staff in the insurance industry
  • Supporting customers experiencing economic abuse: A guide for bank and building society staff
  • Conversation kit for bank and building society staff
  • Supporting customers separating their finances from an abuser (for banks)
  • How banks fit into the Coordinated Community Response (CCR)
  • TEXAS Framework for vulnerable customers
  • Conversation kit for money and debt advisors
  • Supporting customers during the coronavirus outbreak (for banks)
  • Supporting customers experiencing economic abuse: A guide for mortgage providers
  • Supporting clients experiencing economic abuse: A guide for legal professionals
  • Conversation kit for legal professionals

To help ensure the safety of victim-survivors, please provide the follow information to access our professional resources. We only collect these details to keep track of who is accessing our resources, and will never give your information to another organisation.

For friends and family

One in five UK adults has experienced economic abuse by a current or former partner. While over a third didn’t tell anyone at the time, those who did were most likely to confide in family and friends. 

We want everyone to understand what economic abuse is, how to recognise it in the context of domestic violence, and what they can do to support victim-survivors. 

Ask the specialist team

Our specialist team is made up of experts who can provide support to frontline professionals in relation to complex domestic abuse cases linked to debt, banking and housing. Please get in touch via [email protected].

Money and debt advice

SEA can help victim-survivors facing money and debt concerns, particularly coerced debt. Learn more about our financial support line and other projects and services below.

Banking and financial services

Learn more about SEA’s work in the banking industry below.


SEA has been a member of the ‘National Housing and Domestic Abuse Policy and Practice Group’ led by the Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance (DAHA) since it was established in November 2017.

We also run a specialist housing advice service that includes information and guidance in complex housing cases, with a particular focus on survivors who own their home. Learn more by clicking the link below.


SEA offers bespoke training on economic abuse. We have trained a wide variety of professionals, from customer support staff at banks and building societies to domestic abuse champions in the police force.

“Fantastic training. I feel confident in supporting victims of economic abuse and I know there is support to help me support others.”

In addition to the courses below, other courses are available on request to meet the needs of different sectors, including criminal justice, housing, banks and domestic abuse services. 

To book a course or for more information, please contact: [email protected] 

Our courses