Our impact 2021-22

“Finding your site, and what you do, changed so much for me in terms of economic abuse actually being a ‘thing’. That validation has already helped me so much and I will be forever grateful.” Victim-survivor

As the world began to return to a ‘new normal’ after the tumultuous months of the pandemic, SEA marked another busy year.

Throughout this period we continued to see increased demand for SEA’s expertise. As a result, the partnerships through which we support frontline services working directly with victim-survivors became more important than ever. 

This year, we: 

  • strengthened our frontline partnership with Lloyds Banking Group, to lead the financial services sector in best practice responses for vulnerable customers
  • piloted the Economic Abuse Evidence Form with Money Advice Plus, testing a highly promising path to justice for victim-survivors with coerced debt
  • worked with government, financial services and other agencies to improve responses to economic abuse, building on our work to successfully influence legislation to encompass economic abuse.

Victim-survivors continue to be at the heart of everything we do, and we would like to recognise the courage and strength of the Experts by Experience who work alongside us.

What we achieved

As our three-year strategy, Surviving and Thriving, came to an end, we reflect on the incredible progress made across our four strategic priorities:

Awareness-raising and public education

We used our position as a credible voice on economic abuse, to reach even more people with important information

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Professional responses

We continued to equip frontline professionals with the knowledge & skills to respond to victim-survivors of economic abuse

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Systems change

This year, we made strides towards systems change in financial services to ensure that women are supported at scale

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Policy influencing

With the Domestic Abuse Act in place, we entered a new chapter this year, focusing on successful implementation of the law

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“I thought I was alone, in a situation that was always called ‘complex’ or ‘unusual ’… until I discovered SEA.” Victim-survivor

Ethel’s story

Close up of a woman's feet in shoes walking along a path

Throughout the marriage, Ethel’s husband ran up thousands of pounds of debt in her name. A decade after leaving, she was still facing the consequences of the coerced debt. When Ethel called the Financial Support Line, run by Money Advice Plus with the support of SEA, she was referred to the specialist Casework Service. She has since had more than £23,000 of debt written off.

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“Please be assured that the difference you’ve made to myself personally and my mental health is, and I’m not exaggerating, life changing!… As well as your knowledge and vigilance, you provided such moral support… I hope you realise the… the difference it’ll make to my future.” Ethel

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