SEA offers bespoke training on economic abuse. We have trained a wide variety of professionals, from customer support staff at banks and building societies to domestic abuse champions in the police force. 

“Fantastic training. I feel confident in supporting victims of economic abuse and I know there is support to help me support others.”

In addition to the courses below, other courses are available on request to meet the needs of different sectors, including criminal justice, housing, banks and domestic abuse services. 

To book a course or for more information, please contact: [email protected] 

To learn more about our police training with SafeLives, you can watch a recording of our ‘Economic Abuse and the Police’ webinar. The police and criminal justice system play a vital and complex role in tackling domestic abuse, including economic abuse. The webinar covers the need for tailored economic abuse training, SEA’s methodology, police responses to the training thus far and how it fits more broadly in the Domestic Abuse Matters cultural change programme.


Our E-learning tools can support anyone wanting to improve their understanding of economic abuse. Check back soon for access and more information.