Making Waves – Our strategy 2022-2025

We work to save lives and stop economic abuse forever.

To achieve this, we must ensure that the policies and practices of financial services firms, domestic abuse support services, and government reflect the needs of all victim-survivors of economic abuse.

In our new strategy, we commit to continuing our survivor-led approach in all we do and will broaden our understanding of the needs of survivors.

Our primary focus will be on influencing the women’s and financial services sectors, to create a model for improved support for victim-survivors of economic abuse. We will call on the government to facilitate these changes and work with them to improve their systems and practice.

“SEA is creating and riding the waves of awareness and real change around economic abuse. It’s truly inspiring to be part of. ” victim-survivor

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Our strategic priorities

Public understanding and behaviour change

We want public awareness of economic abuse to continue to grow and to begin tackling public behaviour changes.

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Professional response and systems change

We’re refreshing our commitment to a thriving women’s sector and will also be taking our work in the financial services sector to the next level.

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Legal regulatory and public policy change

We want economic abuse to be reflected in the implementation and future development of policy, legislation and regulation.

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Survivors partnerships evidence and equality

We will continue working to ensure our approach is always rooted in survivors and evidence – nurturing solid partnerships and promoting equality.

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Our vision is a world in which all women and girls achieve economic equality and can live their lives free of abuse and exploitation

Our mission is to raise awareness of economic abuse and transform responses to it.

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