What we do

“I felt abused but I would never have said it was abuse. I didn’t think it was valid because he hadn’t hit me.”

Our work

We work in partnership with the frontline organisations that directly support victim-survivors. We support them to identify and respond to economic abuse. Although we don’t provide direct support to victim-survivors, we are an associate member of Women’s Aid and endorse its aims.  

We focus on making change by working in four key areas:  

  • Public understanding and behaviour change: We work to raise public awareness of economic abuse and to begin tackling public behaviour changes.
  • Professional response and systems change: We work with women’s sector professionals to help them understand and respond to economic abuse, and drive improvements across the financial services sector that support victim-survivors of economic abuse.
  • Legal, regulatory and public policy change: We work with decision-makers for changes in legislation, policy and regulation in the financial services and women’s sectors, and influence government policies and practices.
  • Survivors, partnerships, evidence and equality: We work closely with survivors and conduct high-quality research to ensure all our projects and partnerships reflect their needs and promote equality.

Read more about our work in our 2022-25 strategy ‘Making Waves’.   

Our strategy - making waves

How we work 

To drive change for victim-survivors of economic abuse, we are committed to understanding the problems they face. Two core principles are at the heart of our work:   

We are survivor-centred  

Being led by survivors is central to our work. We work alongside a group of women – the Experts by Experience Group (EEG) – who share their knowledge and experiences to shape our work.  The EEG is for women aged 18 and over who are no longer in a relationship with the abuser. 

We recognise the need to create accessible spaces that victim-survivors feel able to participate in. The EEG is inclusive of transwomen, and we provide both single-sex and trans-inclusive spaces for EEG members.  

We are evidence-based 

We conduct research with victim-survivors and learn from the growing wider evidence base on economic abuse. We analyse the issues victim-survivors and professionals share through the Financial Support Line and evaluate our projects to help the development of frontline services.   

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