Our impact 2020-21

It was a year like no other. As the challenges of the global pandemic continued, so did the urgent need for our work. Lockdown measures created a conducive context in which abusers could exercise economic control.

With increased need came increased emergency funding for our cause. Our income doubled, allowing us to grow our team and infrastructure, and take on new projects in our mission to raise awareness of economic abuse and transform responses to it.  


110 pieces of media coverage in local and national media

We trained more than 1,000 professionals from a range of sectors

Professionals supported with 340 complex cases involving economic abuse

450 victim-survivors supported by the Financial Support Line

98 mentions of economic abuse in Parliament (compared with 24 in 2019-20)

“I pay special tribute to Surviving Economic Abuse, which has campaigned on the issue of post-separation economic abuse with such determination and skill, in response to concerns raised by victims and survivors.” Baroness Lister in the House of Lords, on the post-separation amendment to the Domestic Abuse Bill that SEA called for   

What we achieved

We work through four strategic priorities to create change and made huge progress in each area this year.


In 2020-21, we cemented our position as the UK’s leading voice on economic abuse. We reached millions with information about this form of control.

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Professional responses

We provided more support to the frontline professionals working with victim-survivors of economic abuse, and to financial services, than ever before. 

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Systems change

This year, we have piloted new initiatives, including the Economic Abuse Evidence Form, to create change at scale, allowing more victim-survivors to access economic justice.

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Policy influencing

We achieved major success in influencing the Domestic Abuse Bill successfully calling for the legislation to recognise post-separation abuse.

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Working alongside survivors

Working alongside victim-survivors is critical. Their courage in relaying stories of economic abuse is fundamental to raising awareness and influencing policy. In 2020-21, members of the Experts by Experience Group spoke on live television and radio, had their stories recounted in the Houses of Parliament, participated in panel discussions, recorded podcasts and consulted on policy.

Layla’s story

During 24 years of marriage, Layla’s husband was controlling and coercive, both economically and emotionally. He would use threats and physical intimidation to pressure her into transferring money into his bank account, to let him use her credit card, and to sign over the equity in their home. The post-separation amendment to the Domestic Abuse Bill that SEA successfully campaigned for could change the lives of Layla and others in her position. 

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“This type of abuse has affected every part of my daily life; it has seemed to be endless and has left me feeling helpless and powerless to affect change. Knowing this will now be a criminal offence is a huge relief. I am delighted and proud that my story has helped raise awareness and played a part in pushing this much needed amendment through.”  Layla

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