Our research and evaluations

Our research

Our team undertakes original research with victim-survivors of economic abuse and contributes to the growing evidence base on economic abuse in the U.K. Our research informs our campaigning and policy influencing, as well as provides the public with a vital insight into the scale and impact of economic abuse. Read our research and reports below.

Victim-survivor experiences of economic abuse

Economic abuse within controlling and coercive behaviour

Economic abuse and Universal Credit

Economic abuse and housing

Our housing policy officer, Steph Orr, worked on the following chapters to DAHA’s Whole Housing Toolkit:

Defining economic abuse

Our project evaluations

Evaluating our projects and training is a vital part of our growth as a charity. Evaluation not only helps us measure the impact of our work, but also provides us with new data about economic abuse and the community response. This information informs new projects, partnerships and more.

Take a look at our project evaluations below.

Fact sheets

We have a number of concise fact sheets that offer insights into the scale and effects of economic abuse in the U.K.