Donate in memory of a loved one

By leaving a donation in memory of a loved one, you can help our work to stop economic abuse forever to continue.  

A woman wearing a scarf walking in the forest

You can remember someone special by donating to SEA in their name.

Making a donation in memory of a loved one to a cause they cared about is a special way to remember them and celebrate their life.  

How to donate 

You can donate to support SEA in memory of a loved one through:

Please email us with the details of the person you are remembering, including any information you would like to share.

You can also send a cheque made payable to Surviving Economic Abuse and address it to:

Donations in Memory
Surviving Economic Abuse
483 Green Lanes
N13 4BS 

The Fundraising Badge, the logo that says, ‘registered with Fundraising Regulator’

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