Your safety
Only take the actions below if it is safe to do so. You are the best judge of whether making any changes might lead to further harm. In an emergency, call 999.

Getting support – first steps

If you are experiencing economic abuse, you are not alone. Support is available.

Economic abuse often occurs alongside other forms of abuse. It is commonly part of a pattern of behaviour called coercive control.

If you are in immediate danger 

Call the police on 999 

There is a lot that the police can do to help you, and keeping you and any children safe will be their top priority. There are steps that the police can take to remove the abuser from your home if you are at risk.

For more information on how the police can support you, see our resource on this topic

If you are not in immediate danger but need support 

Call a domestic abuse helpline 

By calling a helpline, you will be able to talk about your experiences and speak to someone about your options. They will be able to refer you to specialist support services that can help you to reach safety and access local support. 

If you are using email, live chat or a text message service to contact a helpline, it is important your device is safe and not checked by the abuser. Women’s Aid has information about staying safe online.  

Contact a local domestic abuse service  

You can search for your local service on the Women’s Aid website or on Hestia’s Bright Sky app. Many charities have ways to contact them online as well as by phone.  

Your local service can help you to think about steps you may want to take to stay safe, such as finding somewhere else to live where you will be away from the abuser. If you need financial support due to the virus outbreak, including if the abuser has forced you into debt, they will be able to refer you to other services, such as benefit and debt advice.

We have information on organisations that can help with housing, legal advice and much more. 

Find other organisations that can help

Last updated July 2022

Further support

We have more information that can support you to take steps towards safety and begin to regain control of your finances.