Controlling Your Financial Future – financial wellbeing guide for girls and women

One in six women in the UK (4.2 million) have experienced economic abuse by an intimate partner or family member, but it can be difficult to spot the signs of this controlling behaviour.   

 ‘Controlling Your Financial Future – 6 Moments That Matter for Girls & Women’ is a financial wellbeing guide providing information for girls and women to be in, stay in or take back financial control.  

Developed and published pro-bono by Jane Portas, creator of 6 Moments that Matter, in collaboration with Surviving Economic Abuse, the guide draws on the experiences of victim-survivors. It takes readers through six key life stages that abusers use as opportunities to control and coerce.

“The 6 Moments That Matter are key financial life stages that can help everyone to secure their financial future. The female victim-survivors I met through SEA in producing this guide inspired its contents. Economic abuse impacts girls and women from all walks of life and we hope by helping them to be better informed, we can put an end to economic abuse.” Jane Portas, creator of 6 Moments that Matter

The guide is for personal use and provides information on financial wellbeing at each life stage – the 6 Moments that Matter:

  • Growing up, Studying and Re-Qualifying 
  • Entering and Re-Entering the Workplace 
  • Relationships: Making Up and Breaking Up 
  • Parenthood & Becoming a Carer 
  • Later life, Planning and Entering retirement 
  • Ill-health, Infirmity and Dying 
“Economic abuse can happen to anyone, at any life stage, and can have lifelong consequences that jeopardise their financial wellbeing. I want to thank the victim-survivors who bravely shared their experiences and shaped this guide in the hope it would prevent other girls and women going through the same. We hope it will be read by as many women as possible.” Dr Nicola Sharp-Jeffs OBE, founder and CEO of Surviving  Economic Abuse

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The guide is provided for guidance only and does not constitute financial advice. 

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