What is economic abuse?

Information to help you understand more about economic abuse, what this kind of abuse may involve, how to identify if you may be experiencing economic abuse and what support is available.

Spotting the signs of economic abuse – for friends and family

A checklist of things to look out for if you suspect someone you know may be experiencing economic abuse, and what you can do to support them.

SEA Economic abuse wheel

This tool shows how economic abuse is used by perpetrators to gain power and control. It gives an overview of how economic abuse overlaps with and reinforces a variety of tactics that perpetrators use, illustrating how economic abuse threads through experiences of domestic abuse.

Finding a safe place to live

Produced with the National Homelessness Advice Service (NHAS), which is run by Shelter, this guide provides information on accommodation options if you have experienced economic abuse.

Grants, benefits and financial help

An overview of some of the financial support that may be available if you have experienced domestic abuse, including economic abuse, and how you can access these forms of support.

How banks can help

Information on what banks can do to support people experiencing economic abuse. It outlines things to consider when reporting abuse to the bank, and how they can help you regain control of your finances.

How the police can help

An overview of economic abuse and the law, and the role of the police in supporting victims of economic abuse.

Opening a new bank account

Practical tips on opening a new bank account safely following economic abuse, and information to help guide your interactions with the bank.

Organisations that can help

Listings of some of the organisations that may be able to support you with the issues you are facing following economic abuse, including a brief description of their services and their contact details.

Spotting an illegal money lender

Information to help spot an illegal lender and what to do if you think you have borrowed money from an illegal lender.

Steps you can take towards economic safety

Some immediate things that you can do to protect yourself and begin to regain control if you have experienced economic abuse.

What is coerced debt

Information for people who have been forced to make transactions that led them into debt, or who have had debts fraudulently built up in their name. It gives an overview of this type of debt and the possible solutions.

Economic abuse and controlling or coercive behaviour

Information on how economic abuse can potentially be prosecuted as a form of controlling or coercive behaviour under the Serious Crime Act 2015.

Economic abuse and the draft Domestic Abuse Bill

Details of how the draft Domestic Abuse Bill could bring changes for victim-survivors of economic abuse, by recognising it in law for the first time.

We are producing a number of resources to support professionals working with victim-survivors of economic abuse. This set of resources will contain guides to support domestic abuse support workers, money and debt advice services, housing sector professionals and financial services staff. Three resources are currently available.


Domestic abuse support services
  • Screening for economic abuse: A tool to guide your interactions with women you are supporting to help identify if they have experienced economic abuse


Insurance industry professionals
  • Checklist for insurers: A guide for staff in the insurance industry who are supporting customers who have experienced economic abuse


Bank and building society professionals
  • Supporting customers experiencing economic abuse: A guide for bank and building society staff

If you would like a copy of any of these resources, please contact [email protected]

Further resources for professionals will be available soon.