General election campaign 

Next year’s General Election is a once-in-every-five-years opportunity to pave the way for much-needed change by making sure victim-survivors of economic abuse have their voices heard in the democratic process.  

It has never been more urgent for victim-survivors to have their say. Economic abuse is devastating the lives of women and their children across the country, and the cost-of-living crisis coming so soon after the global Covid-19 pandemic is only making it harder for them to flee and safely rebuild their lives.  

Together, we want to make sure all politicians understand the urgent need for action on economic abuse and commit to changing the lives of victim-survivors whichever party takes the keys to Number 10. 

“SEA is creating and riding the waves of awareness and real change around economic abuse. It’s truly inspiring to be part of.” Victim-survivor

Working hand in hand with victim-survivors, we are working on:

  1. Creating a SEA General Election Manifesto based on what victim-survivors know needs to be in place to tackle economic abuse
  2. Plans to share our General Election Manifesto with major party decision-makers and persuade them that we need urgent action on economic abuse
  3. Creating General Election campaign toolkits to empower victim-survivors to have their voices heard.

By working together, we will build a movement for change. During this parliament, we successfully campaigned to get economic abuse named and defined in law for the first time and made post-separation abuse a criminal offence. 

“I woke up this morning and saw the news and I was practically jumping up and down with joy. These milestones that SEA achieves are like magic healing for my soul.” Victim-survivor

Together, we can help secure further much-needed changes for victim-survivors so that they can rebuild their lives safely.  

How you can join our movement

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