General Election campaign 

This year’s General Election is a once-in-every-five-years opportunity to pave the way for much-needed change. We need all politicians to listen to economic abuse victim-survivors and act. 

We have worked hand in hand with victim-survivors to create our Manifesto. It provides a blueprint of innovative and practical solutions, based on victim-survivors’ experiences, across three priority areas:


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Victim-survivors of economic abuse know what works and what needs to change so they can achieve safety and rebuild their lives. That’s why we worked closely alongside Experts by Experience to develop our General Election Manifesto.

Read our General Election Manifesto
“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading the manifesto. I was thinking, how can I get so excited over something that’s so terrible? It made me feel really positive and optimistic. When you see it coming to something so solid and beautiful and with the recommendations I’m thinking, wow, we are really making a difference and I feel really great about it.” Victim-survivor and member of our General Election Working Group

How you can support our campaign

  1. Sign up to become a SEA Champion for regular updates on our progress 
  2. Share our General Election Manifesto on social media
  3. Write to your parliamentary candidate – see below

Writing to your parliamentary candidates

Over the next few weeks, parliamentary candidates will be trying to win your vote. Why not tell them you’ll be voting for a candidate who is committed to tackling economic abuse?

You can help make sure all parliamentary candidates understand the urgent need for action against economic abuse and secure their commitment so whoever is elected as your MP will help create lasting change for victim-survivors in the new parliament.

Simply follow these three steps to help spread the message with parliamentary candidates looking for your vote:

  1. Find out who your parliamentary candidates are and their email by searching your postcode or constituency here: https://whocanivotefor.co.uk/.
  2. Use our template letter to draft your email to your parliamentary candidates. Remember to personalise the sections highlighted in yellow and feel free to share your experiences or what is important to you too. Download the letter here or simply copy and paste from the section below.
  3. Email your letter to your parliamentary candidates and let Surviving Economic Abuse know if you receive a response by emailing us at: [email protected]

Thank you for standing with economic abuse victim-survivors and for being the change we want to see in this General Election.

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It’s important that you feel safe to contact your parliamentary candidate, especially if you choose to share personal information about your experiences of domestic abuse.

Under data protection legislation, individuals who hold classified information about you that is sensitive or personal must safeguard that information. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your parliamentary candidate is aware that what you’re sharing is private and confidential:

    1. In the email subject line write ‘Private and confidential’ ahead of the rest of the text
    2. In the first line of the letter text, write: ‘This letter contains private and confidential information about my personal experience of domestic abuse. My information should be stored safely according to the GDPR guidance and legislation and should only be viewed by the parliamentary candidate and their assistant for the purpose of their General Election campaign candidacy. Please delete my personal information following the 2024 General Election’.

If you need any further information, please email us at: [email protected]

Your candidate’s response
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Sometimes it can feel disheartening to contact a parliamentary candidate and either receive a generic response or no response at all. You may wonder, ‘what is the point?’. But every letter matters even if you don’t receive a response. Your letter will make them aware that economic abuse is something that matters to us all and will help more politicians understand that this is an issue they cannot ignore.

Email template
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Feel free to adapt this template to suit your style. Take note of the information in brackets and add in specific details where required i.e. your constituency, candidates name etc.

Email subject heading

[Private and confidential]: Will you take action against economic abuse in [constituency name i.e. Cities of London and Westminster]? 

Email template copy: 

Dear [name of your parliamentary candidate],

You are standing to be my next MP. [If you’re sharing sensitive personal information add in: This letter contains private and confidential information about my personal experience of domestic abuse. My information should be stored safely according to GDPR guidance and legislation and should only be viewed by you as the parliamentary candidate and your assistant for the purpose of your General Election campaign candidacy. Please delete my personal information following the 2024 General Election.]

Economic abuse is a form of domestic abuse that is destroying lives at a huge cost to society. At this election, I will be voting for a candidate who is committed to ending it.

I believe that everyone should feel safe and happy in their own home but for millions of women and children this is not the case:

  • One in four women in England and Wales has experienced domestic abuse (ONS, 2023).
  • In the last year alone, 5.5 million UK women had their money and resources controlled by a current or ex-partner (Surviving Economic Abuse, 2023)
  • Every four days a woman is killed by a current or former partner in England and Wales (ONS, 2023).
  • Women who have experienced domestic abuse are three times more likely to take their own lives (Agenda Alliance, 2023).

Right now, women in your constituency are having their lives destroyed by economic abuse, when a partner or ex controls their money and belongings, like their home, car, or phone. They are struggling to access the support they need, while the abuser is making it impossible for them and their children to escape and rebuild their lives. The cost-of-living crisis has only made it worse.

With one in five women affected, you will likely know someone who has experienced it.

[If you have a personal connection to the cause or know someone affected by economic abuse in your constituency, please include details here that you feel comfortable including or have the person’s permission to share. Please keep this brief to just one or two paragraphs].

If you became my MP, I want to know if you’ll prioritise taking action to ensure victim-survivors are supported, perpetrators disrupted, and the next generation educated to help prevent economic abuse.

You can go to Surviving Economic Abuse’s website to find out what they believe a future government must do to stop economic abuse once and for all.

I look forward to hearing from you about how you would deliver lasting change for economic abuse victim-survivors if elected.

With best wishes,

[Your full name]

[First line of your address]

Why our General Election Manifesto is so important

We all want a world in which women and children can thrive, but up and down the country abusers are devastating the lives of millions of victim-survivors. In last year alone, 5.5 million UK women had their money and belongings controlled by a current or former partner.  

The cost-of-living crisis coming so soon after the pandemic is only making things worse. It is even harder for victim-survivors to flee the abuser and access safety and economic security.  

For those who can flee, abusers continue to cause devastating harm to victim-survivors and their children long after separation. Systems, like the child maintenance service and criminal and civil courts, allow abusers to continue to intimidate and control victim-survivors. While challenges de-linking joint financial products leave victim-survivors economically tied to abusers post-separation, providing opportunities for ongoing control. 

Through these systems and services, perpetrators of economic abuse can plunge victim-survivors into homelessness and destitution, leaving them in debt, with a poor credit score, and with no possessions or job.  

Many victim-survivors have no other choice but to return to the abuser, where they are at an increased risk of further harm and homicide. Some feel they have no choice but to take their own lives.  

This can and must change.  

We need all politicians to listen and act – by supporting victim-survivors, disrupting perpetrators, and educating the next generation to prevent economic abuse.  

At the next General Election, we have an opportunity to deliver lasting change for victim-survivors and stop economic abuse once and for all.  

Read our General Election Manifesto

Joint VAWG Sector General Election Manifesto

Alongside over 70 organisations from the Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) sector, we are calling on all political parties to adopt a comprehensive, whole-society approach to tackling VAWG.

Read the Joint VAWG Sector General Election Manifesto here

Voting safely in the General Election

We know that abusers might have prevented you from voting in elections in the past. They might be making it hard for you to vote safely in elections now. But your voice matters. We have put together a guide outlining how you can take part in the General Election in a way that is safe for you.   

Read our guide for victim-survivors