SEA team comes together to celebrate

Last week, members of the SEA team, victim-survivors and sector professionals came together to celebrate the publication of CEO Dr Nicola Sharp-Jeff’s book Understanding and Responding to Economic Abuse and continue our 5th birthday celebrations!

Hosted in London, the event was made possible with the support of CCLA Investment who generously provided their office space as a venue along with refreshments.

Understanding and Responding to Economic Abuse validates the lived experience of countless victim-survivors and underlines the urgent need to develop effective responses to this form of abuse.

Throughout the book, Nicola explores the ways abusers control victims through economic resources and highlights the need to involve ‘non-traditional’ stakeholders such as money/debt advice organisations and the financial services sector.

Professionals within these sectors regularly interact with both victims and perpetrators of economic abuses. As a result, professionals in these sectors have unparalleled ability to reach those who experience abuse by taking steps to close gaps through which abusers continue to exert control.

Guest speakers shared their thoughts and experiences including noted academic Professor Liz Kelly who wrote the book’s foreword. We also heard from a victim-survivor of economic abuse who bravely shared her experience and underlined the importance of SEA’s ongoing work.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all our guests and speakers for making this event such an enormous success!

What they said

“Money in and of itself is nothing – it’s what it can be utilised to give or deny people that matters” Sam Beckinsale, Patron BWP, Victim-Survivor

“Everyone in this room has played a part in what I call ‘the SEAstory’ and it means everything to me that you could still attend this evening so that we can celebrate five years of SEA and the launch of my book together. Whether you’ve been with SEA from the start, joined us along the way or have only just met us, we all have the same goal. We are all united in wanting to end economic abuse.” Dr Nicola Sharp-Jeffs, Founder and CEO Surviving Economic Abuse.

“We need to think not just about safety but also freedom when assessing the impacts of both domestic abuse and responses to it.” Professor Liz Kelly


If you would like to learn more about Nicola’s book including how to order your copy, you can find more information here.