what is
economic abuse?

Economic abuse is defined as involving behaviours that ‘control a woman’s ability to acquire, use and maintain economic resources’ (Adams et al., 2008). Financial abuse involves similar behaviours but specifically in relation to financial income and not economic resources (such as food, telephones and transport) more broadly (Littwin, 2012).

Just over ten years ago, there was little understanding of the variety of means via which economic abuse is enacted (Green and Pearce, 2002). However the evidence base has expanded over the last decade to the extent that an ‘economic abuse wheel’ has been developed, outlining the different forms that this abuse takes and how it intersects with and reinforces other types of abuse (Sharp, 2008).

"One time he withdrew £70 from my bank account and ripped it up in my face. I tried to pick it up but he pinned me down on the floor and shoved it all in my mouth and tried to make me eat it."
"He would stop me going to work; he would lock the doors … I had to quit my job because he was stalking me and harassing me at work – ten to twenty times a day he’d phone."