One year on from the Domestic Abuse Act

Dr Nicola Sharp-Jeffs, CEO and founder of Surviving Economic Abuse (SEA) said,

“Today marks one year since the landmark Domestic Abuse Act was given Royal Assent and became law. Working alongside victim-survivors of abuse, SEA called for the Act to recognise economic abuse in law for the very first time. We also campaigned for the legislation on controlling or coercive behaviour to be extended to post-separation abuse to help the one in four women who report that their former partner continues to economically abuse and control them after the relationship has ended.

“We’re pleased to hear the government will soon be publishing the consultation on the draft guidance on the Controlling or Coercive Behaviour offence (CCB). It is crucial that victim-survivors get the right response from the criminal justice system to support their safety and hold perpetrators accountable.

“We urge the government to ensure this guidance is finalised promptly following the consultation so that the post-separation abuse amendment can be implemented quickly. We hear from women who, years after separating, are still controlled through joint bank accounts, mortgages, debt and spousal/child support. Yet because they are no longer in a relationship with the abuser, they cannot access justice. The post-separation abuse amendment will protect victim-survivors from ongoing coercion and control after leaving an abuser.”

Read a full timeline of SEA’s engagement with the Act here.