Call It Out this International Women’s Day

This International Women’s Day 2019 we’re asking you to join us in challenging the term “abusive relationship”.

Victims aren’t in an ‘abusive relationship’. They are being abused.
They don’t leave an ‘abusive relationship’. They leave an abuser.

Our use of language makes all the difference.

The term ‘abusive relationship’ is passive – it does not name the perpetrator of the abuse and it implies that both parties in a relationship are somehow responsible. It is yet another way for abusers to deny their responsibility. It also suggests that the abuse will end when the relationship does. This is not the case.

Join us to #CallItOut. 

Here are some terms you might want to use instead:

  • abuser
  • abusive partner
  • abused by their partner
  • abusive-ex

For the past two years SEA has been calling for Government to name economic abuse in the statutory definition of the Domestic Abuse Bill. Naming this form of abuse is another way in which we can hold perpetrators accountable.

You can read more about our work on the Domestic Abuse bill here.

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