SEA’s Survivor Stories Podcast Episode 3. Lesley – “Living with an abuser is like living in lockdown”

In early 2020, the new coronavirus arrived in the United Kingdom. Now some months into the pandemic, it is clear that the virus itself, as well as the measures introduced to stem its spread and protect the economy, have negatively impacted on members of society, including creating increased risk for victim-survivors of economic abuse.

In this episode of SEA’s Survivor Stories Podcast, Expert by Experience Group (EEG) member, Lesley, talks to journalist and SEA supporter, Marisa Bate, about her experience of living in isolation during lockdown and how it reflected her experience of living in isolation with an abuser. She also talks about how life has changed now that she is safe.

“You’re your own person again […] You haven’t got anybody hitting you or stealing your money. You might only have £5, but that £5 is yours.”

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