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Talk Money Week 2020: It’s time to talk about coerced debt

“I was told there was nothing that could be done as his debts were in my name.” Victim-survivor For Talk Money Week 2020, SEA is talking about coerced debt – a cruel and largely invisible form of coercive control that has the power to completely devastate a person’s life. And although we might not be… Read more »

Experts urge Money and Pension Service to work with SEA to address economic abuse as victims face annual bill of £23.5 million coerced debt

A body of independent experts has urged the Money and Pension Service (MaPS) to work with Surviving Economic Abuse (SEA) to address economic abuse. The Economic Abuse Evidence Form (EAEF), created by SEA in partnership with Money Advice Plus, has been included as one of 13 “urgent recommendations” made by the Challenge Chairs Group tasked… Read more »

Coerced debt – The invisible market of domestic abuse

New research from Surviving Economic Abuse has found forcing a partner into debt is a common tactic of domestic abuse. 60% of domestic abuse victims are forced into debt. The Economic Justice Project, a three year study, is the first of its kind in the UK. SEA also developed a unique screening tool informed by… Read more »