The evidence base on economic abuse and the negative economic impact of domestic violence more broadly has expanded over the past ten years. Program interventions to support women’s economic stability have also been developed and evaluated. The reports below reflect national and international knowledge. Join the international network for updates.

Domestic Violence Recovery Loan Program

Adrienne Adams 2016 Filene USA

Women’s Narratives of Economic Abuse and Financial Strategies in Britain and South Asia

Punita Chowbey April 2017 Sheffield Hallam University, England

Exploring Social Work Responses to Economic Abuse as a Form of Intimate Partner Violence in Sweden

Lindsay Mae Coutts June 2017 Sweden

Economic Abuse as an Invisible Form of Domestic Violence: A Multi Country Review.

Judy Postmus, Gretchen Hoge, Jan Breckenridge, Nicola Sharp-Jeffs, Donna Chung March 2018 Multi-Country

When’s the Right Time to Talk About Money?

Nilmini Fernando, November 2018 WIRE Australia

The Domestic Abuse Report 2019 – The Economics of Abuse 

Sarah Davidge and Lizzie Magnusson, Research and Evaluation Team, Women’s Aid, March 2018, UK

Women of Affluence

Sagesse June 2018 Canada

LGBT+ People’s Experiences of Domestic Abuse

Jasna Magić and Peter Kelley Galop 2018 UK

What is this thing called money? Economic abuse in young adult relationships

Jozica Kutin Mike Reid Roslyn Russell January 2019 Australia

Housing Outcomes After Domestic and Family Violence

Kathleen Flanagan, Hazel Blunden, kylie valentine, Jane Henriette 2019 Australia

Identifying economic abuse for women with disability in Victoria: A toolkit

Jasmine McGowan, JaneMaree Maher, Tricia Malowney, Kate Thomas 2019 Australia

Developing and validating the Scale of Economic Self-Efficacy

Gretchen Hoge, Amanda Stylianou, Andrea Hetling, Judy Postmus 2017 United States

Implementing a financial management curriculum with survivors of IPV: Exploring advocates’ experiences.

Elithet Silva-Martinez, Amanda Stylianou, Gretchen Hoge, Sheila McMahon, Sara Plummer, Judy Postmus 2016 United States

Transcultural Validation of the 12-Item Scale of Economic Abuse in Chinese Population

Jessie Ho-Yin Yau, Janet Yuen-Ha Wong, Edmond Pui-Hang Choi, Daniel Yee-Tak Fong, China

Seeking Security: promoting women’s economic wellbeing following domestic violence

Rochelle Braaf and Isobelle Barrett Meyering  March 2011 Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse  Australia

The Domestic Abuse and Money Education (DAME) Project: Final Report

Jackie Barron August 2012 Women’s Aid, England

Spotlight on economic abuse: A literature and policy review

Fiona McDonald September 2012 Good Shepherd and Kildonan Australia

Economic Abuse: The Untold Cost of Domestic Violence

Office of the Manhattan Borough President, Sakhi for South Asian Women, Cornwell ILR School and The Worker Institute  October 2012 USA

The impact of physical and economic abuse on maternal mental health and parenting

Judy Postmus Chien-Chung Huangb and  Amanda Mathisen-Stylianou, 2012 USA

Understanding Economic Abuse in the Lives of the Survivors

Judy Postmus, Sara-Beth Plummer, Sarah McMahon, N Shaanta Murshid and Mi Sung Kim 2012 USA

Understanding economic abuse in the lives of survivors.

Judy Postmus, Sara-Beth Plummer, Sarah McMahon, Nadine Murshid, Mi Sung Kim 2012 United States

The impact of physical and economic abuse on maternal mental health and parenting

Judy Postmus, Chien-Chung Huang, Amanda Stylianou 2012 United States

Financial literacy: Building economic empowerment with survivors of violence.

Judy Postmus, Sara-Beth Plummer, Sarah McMahon, Karen Zurlo 2013 United States

Economic abuse, physical violence, and union formation. 

Chien-Chung Huang, Judy Postmus, Juliann Vikse, Lih-Rong Wang 2013 United States

Destitute Domestic Violence Concession – Monitoring Research Report

Nisan Zerai Kesete December 2013 Eaves and Southall Black Sisters England

Measuring Abusive Behaviours: Is Economic Abuse a Unique Form of Abuse?

Amanda Stylianou, Judy Postmus and Sarah McMahon August 2013 USA

The effect of economic, physical and psychological abuse on mental health: A population-based study of women in the Philippines

Diddy Antai, Ayo Oke, Patrick Braithwaite, and Gerald Bryan Lopez November 2014 Philippines

Controlling money, controlling lives: Financial abuse in Britain

Citizens Advice November 2014 Citizen’s Advice, England

Restoring Financial Safety: Legal responses to economic abuse

Owen Camilleri, Tanya Corrie and Shorna Moore 2014 Good Shepherd and Wyndham Legal Service Australia

Restoring Financial Safety: Legal responses to economic abuse

Owen Camilleri, Tanya Corrie and Shorna Moore 2014 Good Shepherd and Wyndham Legal Service Australia

Stepping Stones: Legal Barriers to Economic Equality After Family Violence

Emma Smallwood September 2015 Women’s Legal Service Victoria, Australia

The Financial Impact of Domestic Violence

Kate Bell and Claire Kober 2008 Family Welfare Association and One Parent Families/Gingerbread, England

Young woman and financial abuse

YWCA 2009 YWCA, England

Economic Empowerment of Domestic  Violence Survivors

Judy Postmus, Rene Renick, Sandra Mayoral Pedroarias and Kim Pentico October 2010 National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women USA

Strategies to Expand Battered Women’s Economic Opportunities

Amy Correia 2000 National Resource Center on Domestic Violence USA

His Money or Our Money? Financial Abuse of Women in Intimate Partner Relationships

Elizabeth Branigan 2005 Coburg Brunswick Community Legal and Financial Counselling Centre Australia