Research and evaluation

The evidence base on economic abuse and the negative economic impact of domestic violence more broadly has expanded over the past ten years. Program interventions to support women’s economic stability have also been developed and evaluated.

The reports below reflect national and international knowledge. Join the international network for updates.

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Fernando, Nilmini

When’s the Right Time to Talk About Money? Online

Wire Australia 2018.

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Balderston, Susie

ASK: Routine Enquiry in Gender Based Violence and Abuse. Executive Summary Online

Citizen's Advice Programme 2018.

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Postmus, Judy; Hoge, Gretchen; Breckenridge, Jan; Sharp-Jeffs, Nicola; Chung, Donna

Economic Abuse as an Invisible Form of Domestic Violence: A Multi Country Review Journal Article

Trauma, Violence, & Abuse, 2018.

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Watson, Jonnette

Reforming Residential Tenancy Law for Victims of Domestic Violence Online

Centre for Interdisciplinary Justice Studies (CIJS) 2018.

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Barzilay, Arianne Renan

Power in the Age of In/Equality: Economic Abuse, Masculinities, and the Long Road to Marriage Equality Journal Article

Akron Law Review, 2018.

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Hess, Cynthia; Rosario, Alona Del

Dreams Deferred: A Survey on the Impact of Intimate Partner Violence on Survivors’ Education, Careers, and Economic Security Journal Article

Institute for Women's Policy Research, 2018.

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Bond, Carolyn; Tonkin, Stephanie; Sterling, Ciara

Responding to Financial Abuse: Community, business and government responses to the financial impacts of family violence in Victoria Online

Women's Legal Service Victoria 2018.

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Magić, Jasna; Kelley, Peter

LGBT+ People’s Experiences of Domestic Abuse Online

Galop 2018.

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Eriksson, Marie; Ulmestig, Richard

“It’s Not All About Money”: Toward a More Comprehensive Understanding of Financial Abuse in the Context of VAW Journal Article

Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 2017.

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Sharp-Jeffs, Nicola; Learmonth, Sarah

Into Plain Sight: How Economic Abuse is reflected in successful prosecutions of controlling or coercive behaviour Technical Report


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Davila, America; Johnson, Laura; Postmus, Judy

Understanding economic abuse and its impact on the mental health of Latinas in the United States: An exploratory analysis Journal Article

Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 2017.

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Coutts, Lindsay Mae

Exploring Social Work Responses to Economic Abuse as a Form of Intimate Partner Violence in Sweden Masters Thesis


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No One Deserves To Be Abused: An inquiry to inform the development of supports for affluent survivors Online

Sagesse 2017.

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Hoge, Gretchen; Stylianou, Amanda; Hetling, Andrea; Postmus, Judy

Developing and validating the scale of economic self-efficacy Journal Article

Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 2017.

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Kutin, Jozica; Russell, Roslyn; Reid, Mike

Economic abuse between intimate partners in Australia: prevalence, health status, disability and financial stress Journal Article

Public Health, 2017.

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Chowbey, Punita

Women’s Narratives of Economic Abuse and Financial Strategies in Britain and South Asia Journal Article

Psychology of Violence, 2017.

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Sharp-Jeffs, Nicola

Supporting Survivors of Financial Abuse, Learning for the UK Technical Report


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Adams, Adrienne

Domestic Violence Recovery Loan Program Journal Article


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Corrie, Tanya

Economic Security for Survivors of Domestic and Family Violence: Understanding and Measuring the Impact Journal Article

Good Shepherd, 2016.

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Hetling, Andrea; Hoge, Gretchen; Postmus, Judy

What is economic self-sufficiency? Validating a measurement scale for policy, practice, and research Journal Article

Journal of Poverty, 2015.

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Postmus, Judy; Plummer, Sara-Beth; Stylianou, Amanda

Measuring Economic Abuse in the Lives of Survivors: Revising the Scale of Economic Abuse Journal Article

Violence Against Women, 2015.

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Hetling, Andrea; Postmus, Judy; Kaltz, Cecilia

A randomized controlled trial of a financial literacy curriculum for survivors of intimate partner violence Journal Article

Journal of Family and Economic Issues, 2015.

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Silva-Martinez, Elithet; Stylianou, Amanda; Hoge, Gretchen; McMahon, Sheila; Plummer, Sara; Postmus, Judy

Implementing a financial management curriculum with survivors of IPV: Exploring advocates’ experiences Journal Article

Affilia, 2015.

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